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27 November 2015

UK: Rankings are good starting point to determine inclusiveness of workplace, says Aviva

Author: Will Martin, Business Insider (UK)

"How a gay accounts manager is making Aviva insurance the most diverse company in Britain", 25 Nov 2015...

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6 October 2015

Aviva response

Author: Aviva

As a business that’s over 300 years old we know we depend on vibrant and diverse communities for our customers, our employees, our supply chain and our investors. At the UN Sustainable Development Goals Summit 2015 AvivaGroup CEO Mark Wilson called...

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28 September 2015

Companies take stand to support more compassionate response to refugee crisis in Europe

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7 August 2015

UK: Aviva to partially divest from coal companies over climate change

Author: Adam Brown, IR Magazine

“Aviva to divest from coal companies”, 27 Jul 2015...

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16 January 2015
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Author: Béatrice Héraud, Novethic (France) (copyright: www.novethic.fr)

« Les droits de l'Homme, une préoccupation majeure pour les investisseurs responsables », 16 janvier 2015...

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25 November 2014

Investors support inclusion of supply chain reporting in Modern Slavery Bill

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22 October 2014

Global investors urge EU to adopt stronger conflict minerals rules

Author: Responsible Sourcing Network

¨Group of Investors Urge European Union to Adopt Stronger Conflict Minerals Legislation¨, 21 Oct 2014...

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14 October 2014

97% of stock exchange listed companies fail to disclose full data on sustainability indicators, study says

Author: Jo Confino, Guardian Sustainable Business (UK)

"97% of companies fail to provide data on key sustainability indicators", 13 Oct 2014 ...

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1 May 2014

[PDF] Evidence of Corporate Disclosure relevant to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Author: Shift

This research was conducted to inform understanding of how companies currently report on their human rights performance, and how this maps against the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights. The research reviewed corporate disclosure of...

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22 January 2014

Carbon-for-development projects can help businesses engage with employees

Author: Oliver Balch, Guardian (UK)

Zelda Bentham, head of environment and climate change [of] Aviva [says the company has been]...carbon neutral since 2006 for [its] operational emissions. "Initially, our projects were focused around things like renewable energy, but over time we've...

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