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Business & Children

Business & Children brings together in one place useful information about how companies are impacting children (positively or negatively). It covers a broad spectrum of issues ranging from child labour to child participation, sexual exploitation to education, to pollution and conflict zones.

How to use this Portal

  • Navigate in-depth areas below to learn about issues, positive initiatives, alleged abuses, lawsuits and guidance materials
  • Keep up to date on initiatives around the world in the field through our Business & Children Bulletin.
  • Learn about key international tools and initiatives, including the Children’s Rights and Business Principles and the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child's General Comment No. 16 on state obligations regarding the impact of the business sector on children’s rights.
  • Explore our directory of organizations working on children’s rights.


Business & Children has been developed to give practical assistance to people from all sectors in their work and decision-making, leading to better protection of the rights and welfare of children. In particular it aims to assist:

  • companies: by providing guidance tools; examples of good and bad practice
  • children: by raising awareness of the ways business affects their lives, in all regions
  • NGOs: by highlighting their concerns & initiatives; providing information for their research and campaigning
  • governments: information to help them protect against abuses by business; examples of government initiatives
  • media: under-the-radar cases and issues they may want to investigate
  • investors and consumers: information to guide their investment, purchasing decisions


Business & Children is not comprehensive. We welcome suggestions for additions at any time. For more information on specific companies and topics, please refer to the Resource Centre’s main website.