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1 October 2014

Accounting firms call on Occupy Central not to protest in Hong Kong

Defending Hong Kong's Students, 29 Sep 2014...

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1 October 2014

Government repression of human rights activists: when should business speak out? From Hong Kong streets to the European Games in Azerbaijan

Author: Annabel Short, Program Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

...Clearly, companies need to manage their own human rights impacts – through their operations and their value chains.  And, when it comes to business’ influence over government, an important dimension is that of “corporate capture” (for example,...

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23 September 2014

Colombia: Equitable Origin certifies Pacific Rubiales & Ecopetrol oil sites as socially & environmentally responsible

Author: Equitable Origin

"Equitable Origin Certifies First Ever Sites for Responsible Oil Production", 9 Sep 2014...

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12 September 2014

UK: Experts urge companies to provide mental health support to staff

Author: Esther Addley, Guardian (UK)

"Mental health in the workplace: 'you've got to be blind not to take this seriously", 10 Sep 2014...

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28 August 2014

L'Oreal becomes first US company awarded Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) certification

Author: Kirsten Salyer, Bloomberg (USA)

"L'Oreal Adds a Feminist Label", 27 Aug 2014...

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16 July 2014

Business & human rights discussion needs to focus more on women's rights, says report

Author: Ama Marston, Marston Consulting

"Women, Business and Human Rights: A background paper for the UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and Practice", 7 Mar 2014 ...

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17 June 2014
+ Français - Ocultar

Autor(a): Céline Oziel, Novethic (France) (copyright:

Une grossesse coûte deux ans d’évolution de carrière à une femme et justifierait, pour certains employeurs, un salaire inférieur. Des entreprises, qui souhaitent conserver leurs talents et éviter le turn-over, montrent la voie pour combattre ces...

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23 April 2014

Don’t be misled by Vince Cable’s talk of corporate transparency [UK]

Author: Prem Sikka, Conversation (UK)

Business secretary Vince Cable has announced his intention to create a public register of UK company ownership in a bid to tackle tax evasion and money laundering…But don’t believe the hype…The “tax efficiency” industry will simply see this as the...

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1 March 2014

Anti-Trafficking: What does Modern Day Slavery mean to the Private Sector? [Hong Kong, 3 Apr]

Author: CSR Asia

In this briefing, Matthew Friedman will talk about human trafficking and how the issue has relevance across Asia, specifically Hong Kong and how it impacts the private sector. He will discuss: what is human trafficking, who is trafficked, what are...

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29 January 2014
+ Español - Hide

Author: ComunicaRSE (Argentina)

La Comisión Discapacidad de la Sociedad Fomento Fabril (Sofofa) y la Oficina Internacional del Trabajo (OIT) han presentado el documento del “Estudio: factores para la inclusión laboral de las personas con discapacidad”...En el marco de la Estrategia...

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