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17 December 2014
+ Español - Ocultar

Autor: Expansió (España)

“Algoritmo que discrimina a las mujeres que buscan un empleo”- 17 de diciembre de 2014...

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14 December 2014

Japan: Huge disparity in treatment between regular and irregular employees

The proportion of persons employed in Japan on irregular contracts has increased dramatically in recent years, and now comprises over a third of the entire work force. The majority of the irregular work force is comprised of women. Though irregular...

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26 November 2014

Germany: Govt. introduces quota for women in executive positions in large companies

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19 November 2014
+ Français - Ocultar

Autor(a): Dominique Perez, L'Express (France)

« Femmes dans des métiers d'hommes: le sexisme n'est pas mort! », 18 novembre 2014...

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19 November 2014

India: Shipping industry continues to lack women, says journalist

Author: P.R. Sanjai, Live Mint (India)

"Women still face choppy waters in shipping and logistics", 17 Nov 2014...

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18 November 2014

Factory run by female workers in Saudi Arabia breaks stereotypes

Author: Hussam al-Mayman, Al Arabiya News

"Factory run by female workers in Saudi Arabia breaks stereotypes", 16 Nov 2014...

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14 November 2014

Global Alliance on Media and Gender calls for stronger protection of women's rights in media & ICT companies

Author: Katherine V. Robinson, Gender Links (South Africa), in allAfrica

"South Africa: Alliance Calls for Strong Global Agenda and Media Agenda", 6 Nov 2014...

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13 November 2014

Saudi Arabia to launch work-at-home program for women

Author: Global Post

"Saudi Arabia to launch work-at-home program for women", 13 Nov 2014...

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12 November 2014

China: Woman wins gender discrimination lawsuit against Dongfang Cooking Training School, after refusal of job application because of gender

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10 November 2014

East Timor: Gender gap narrowing in education, employment & politics, but more efforts needed to increase women’s participation in labour - report

Author: Asian Development Bank, Government of Timor-Leste, UN Women


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