Export processing zones

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7 July 2014

Bangladesh allows welfare unions in special economic zones after factory building collapse

Author: Daily Star, Bangladesh

"Workers can form 'welfare bodies' to bargain for rights", Daily Star, 7 July 2014...

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20 February 2014

Free Trade Zones

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16 September 2013

Libya Oil Production Dropping Amid Protests At Export Terminals And Oil Fields Across The Country

Author: David Kashi, International Business Times

Libya is losing $130 million a day in oil revenue because of ongoing protests at large export terminals and oil fields across the country...Protesters have been demanding better working conditions and pay...Libya’s oil production has fallen from 1.4...

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4 September 2013

New garment factory to employ 200 women in Ajloun — ministry [Jordan]

Author: Hani Hazaimeh, Jordan Times

New garment factory that will start operations this week in the northern Governorate of Ajloun [in Jordan] is expected to create jobs for 200 women...[who] will be working in tailoring and be paid the JD190 minimum wage as a basic salary, in addition...

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30 August 2013

Bringing EPZ under Labour Law: International working group to be formed [Bangladesh]

Author: Asif Showkat Kallol, Dhaka Tribune

An international working group will be formed to introduce Labour Law in the Export Processing Zones of Bangladesh under… 16-point US Action Plan…As per the Action, a number of 200 inspectors require to be appointed as one of the main conditions set...

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13 April 2013

Ministry team reveals violations related to wages, work conditions at garment factory [Jordan]

Author: Abeer Numan, Jordan Times

A Labour Ministry inspection into alleged abuse of guest workers at the Classic Fashion Apparel Industry revealed violations related to working hours, pay issues and adverse workplace conditions...The ministry conducted the investigation after the...

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11 March 2013

Nepali workers rescued over working conditions in Jordan

Author: Albawaba

Over the past few weeks, the Nepali authorities have rescued six women from Jordan who were working in a factory under inhumane conditions...five of the women had contacted their families and told them they and more than 100 others were being...

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1 January 2013

[PDF] Conference report Burma/Myanmar, business and human rights: setting standards for responsible business

Author: Wilton Park, in partnership with Institute for Human Rights and Business

Another challenge for foreign investors, it was noted, will be due diligence in identifying local business partners. It will require, in reality, enhanced due diligence. European and US sanctions still name individuals with whom business cannot be...

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5 November 2012

Urbanisation in Bangladesh proves a double-edged sword for women [Bangladesh]

Author: Annie Kelly, Guardian

…In a country with more than 4,000 factories – which now relies on the ready-to-wear garment industry…women have become a powerful economic force…Employment in the export-oriented garment industry, and in other industries such as electronics...

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16 October 2012

Shrimp exports to West tied to bonded labor [Bangladesh]

Author: CNN

…[S]hrimp industry of Bangladesh. Chingri (shrimp) harvesting provides a highly illustrative case study of the very powerful ways in which environmental change can directly contribute to human trafficking, debt bondage, and forced labor exploitation,...

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