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15 October 2015
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Author: Terraeco (France)

"Multinationales et droits humains : « La France peut créer un effet d'entraînement »", 15 octobre 2015...

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9 July 2015

Increasing number of legal complaints against companies over climate change responsibility

Author: Megan Darby, Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)

"Around the world in 5 climate change lawsuits", 9 Jun 2015...

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24 June 2015

Court requires Dutch govt. to adopt more stringent climate policies; ruling expected to support other cases on responsibilities for climate impacts

Author: Urgenda

"Urgenda wins the case for better Dutch climate policies", 24 Jun 2015...

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23 June 2015
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Author: Michel Gassée, RTBF (Belgique)

« Bruxelles: les entreprises gagneraient à avoir un personnel plus diversifié », 18 juin 2015...

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22 May 2015

Call for input: Forced labour & exploitation accountability database (deadline: 12 June)

Promoting transparency and building accountability through the development and enforcement of strong legal and regulatory frameworks is central to effectively addressing labour exploitation in complex global supply chains. Improving accountability,...

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15 May 2015

Facebook is trampling on European privacy laws, says Belgian watchdog

Author: Andrew Griffin, Independent (UK)


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29 April 2015
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Author: Yvon Jusseret, L'Avenir (Belgique)

« Vivalia enquête auprès de ses travailleurs », 29 avril 2015...

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9 March 2015

UN Women Executive Director calls for a global economy that works for women

Author: UN Women

“In 2030 we want to be able to talk about a world that has achieved gender equality” – UN Women Executive Director...

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Company response
16 February 2015

Response by Total: Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project

[The unofficial Myanmar language translation of this response is available here]...

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12 February 2015
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Author: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ryan Chittum und Christoph Giesen

...Der Fall Shallop zeigt, wie die illegalen Deals mit den Diamanten funktionieren. Es sind tödliche Geschäfte, die offenbar jahrelang heimlich über Konten in der Schweiz abgewickelt wurden. Nachzulesen war das bereits 2001 in einem UN-Bericht. Darin...

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