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A message from Executive Director Phil Bloomer

Do you like and use our website? If so we would greatly appreciate your support. The feedback we receive from all over the world suggests it is an unparalleled resource on business and human rights.

Our site profiles over 6,000 companies operating in over 180 countries. To maintain our independence, we never accept donations from companies or corporate foundations: so individual donations can make a big difference. If each visitor during one month donated the price of a daily newspaper, this would enable us to continue our coverage of the whole continent of Africa for a full year.

Please consider making a donation or setting up a recurring donation today.

Thank you,
Phil Bloomer, Executive Director

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Resources for business schools

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is an independent non-profit organization.  We run the leading website on companies' human rights impacts worldwide - updated hourly.  Issues we cover range from workplace discrimination to conflict zones, from displacement to supply chain labour rights.  More about our work.

Business school students can use our website to:

1. Sign up for free Weekly Updates on business and human rights.

2. Explore our Tools & Guidance portal

3. Check news and reports on individual companies' human rights records

4. Visit the section on business schools – with news, rankings and course material

5. Access information hubs such as "Business, conflict & peace", "UN Guiding Principles", "Corporate Legal Accountability", "Business and Children", "Freedom of Association", all accessible via our homepage.

6. View the site-map for a full list of topics we cover.  Our online library has sections on: countries; companies; sectors; company implementation; human rights & environmental issues; human rights lawsuits against companies; principles such as the Equator Principles, UN Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

7. Get in touch with suggestions of material for the site.