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On 16 June 2011, the UN Human Rights Council endorsed the "Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' Framework" proposed by UN Special Representative John Ruggie. 

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Full text of Guiding Principles

Special Representative Ruggie first issued the final text of the Guiding Principles for the consideration of the UN Human Rights Council in March 2011 (announcement [PDF]):
- Report by Special Representative Ruggie to Human Rights Council with full text of Guiding Principles & commentaries [PDF]
- official translations: Arabic [DOC], Chinese [PDF], French [PDF], Spanish [DOC], Russian [PDF]  
- all known official & unofficial translations (including German, Japanese, Khmer, Mongolian, Portuguese, Serbian) available here

Book by John Ruggie about developing Guiding Principles

Just Business: Multinational Corporations and Human Rights, John Gerard Ruggie, Harvard Univ., former UN Special Representative on business & human rights, Mar 2013

Endorsement of Guiding Principles by UN Human Rights Council

- official text of Human Rights Council resolution: English - Spanish - French - Arabic - Chinese - Russian
  (core sponsors of resolution were Argentina, India, Nigeria, Norway, Russia)
- press release [PDF]
- Human Rights Council statement re resolution - endorses Guiding Principles, establishes working group, with statements by delegations of Norway, Argentina, USA, Ecuador, Hungary, UK: English; French
     - US Govt. statement
     - full text of statements by delegations of Norway, UK, Ecuador [PDF] (Ecuador statement is in Spanish - full text of Ecuador statement in English here [PDF])
     - video of Council session where Guiding Principles were endorsed (16 Jun 2011) is here - scroll down to "Resolution A/HRC/17/L.17/Rev.1" - "Human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises".  With statements by Norway, Argentina, USA, Ecuador, Hungary, UK, Japan, Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
     - video of Council session where Guiding Prinicples were presented by Special Representative Ruggie (30 May 2011) is here.  With statements by Kenya, Venezuela, Australia, Algeria, China, Cuba, Norway, Belgium, Guatemala, Maldives, Hungary, Iran, Sweden, India, Nigeria (on behalf of the African Group), USA, EU, UK, Russia, Poland, Egypt, Paraguay (on behalf of MERCOSUR), Ghana, Pakistan (on behalf of the OIC)
     - the resolution established a UN Working Group on business & human rights; for our portal on the UN Working Group, click here

Commentaries issued after UN Council endorsement of Guiding Principles

See the "Commentaries" page of our portal on the Guiding Principles.

See also the statements to the Human Rights Council by govt. delegations, NGOs and business organizations regarding Ruggie's 2011 report and the Guiding Principles. 

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Previous comments & submissions

Commentaries on final draft (Mar-Jun 2011): For commentaries on the Guiding Principles made between the proposal of the final draft by Special Representative Ruggie and their adoption by the Council (i.e., between 24 March and 16 June 2011), click here.

Consultation on draft Guiding Principles (Nov 2010-Jan 2011) - comments & submissions: Special Representative Ruggie issued a draft of the Guiding Principles in November 2010, and held an online consultation on the draft until 31 January 2011.  For the text of the draft, submissions to the consultation and other commentaries on the draft, click here.