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3 September 2015

So. Africa: NHRI interrogates gendered impact of food systems, impacts on women of corporate deregulation

Author: Pregs Govender, SAHRC Commissioner in Pambazuka News (Africa)

'Wathint'abafazi, wathint' imbokodo: the promise of bread and roses', 3 Sep 2015:…Unconsciousness blinds [people]…to the contributions women make and…peaceful protests they stage when all their efforts to secure clean water, decent toilets, housing or...

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2 September 2015

Africa: Academic urges economic justice actors to fight both illegal and licit financial flows, adopt more nuanced approach

Author: Patrick Bond, University of Kwazulu Natal in Pambazuka News (Africa)

'Retreat of foreign investment from Africa means less looting', 2 Sep 2015:…[A] Zimbabwe NGO conference…was dedicated to fighting illegal capital flight from across the African continent…[Will] the region’s…economic-justice NGOs take the next step and...

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