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28 November 2014

Francis West of UNICEF analyses initiatives by companies in tourism industry to fight child exploitation in their supply chains

Author: Francis West, UNICEF

"World Responsible Tourism Day: Progress Towards Protecting Children", 14 Nov 2014...

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24 October 2014

USA: New efforts to ban tobacco farm child labour

Author: Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press


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7 October 2014

USA: Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina implements new child labour policy

Author: Human Rights Watch

"US: Tobacco Group Adopts Child Labour Protections", 2 Oct 2014...

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24 September 2014

India: UNICEF partners with industry to tackle abuse & trafficking of children in tea communities

Author: UNICEF

"Ground-breaking new tea partnership to tackle abuse and trafficking in Indian tea communities",...

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7 September 2014

UNICEF & ITU release guidelines for information & communications technology sector on protecting children online

Joint initiative by the International Telecommunication Union and UNICEF.

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4 September 2014

UN questions Morocco over impact of privatization in education on right to education

Author: The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

...the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) questioned Morocco about its policy of privatising education and appeared to regret the absence of a satisfactory response from the government...The members of the CRC raised serious...

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31 August 2014

Turkey: Syrian refugees trigger child labour boom in Turkey

Author: Constanze Letsch, Guardian (UK)

Thousands of young refugees are missing out on school to support families left destitute after fleeing the fighting in Syria... According to the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), about half the million Syrian refugees currently living in...

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2 July 2014

Kenya: Toxic Lead Threatening Lives [Includes video]

Author: Human Rights Watch

Thousands of people in a poor urban district outside Mombasa face serious health consequences from toxic lead from a battery recycling plant...Human Rights Watch released a film, Kenya: Factory Poisons Community, documenting the health and...

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24 June 2014

[PDF] Forced Labour in Nothern Ireland: An Update

Author: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This research updates a 2011 study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation called Forced labour in Northern Ireland. It investigates the prevalence of forced labour over the past few years and looks at how the issue is being addressed. The research: finds...

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23 June 2014

Children and finance

Author: Guardian Sustainable Business Hub

A weekly focus exploring the role of financial literacy in children's economic well-being. [Includes: Poll on whether children learn about money and finance at school, articles on "Financial education for children a powerful agent for change", "Banks...

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