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1 November 2017
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Author: CEDLA

“Reporte Anual de Industrias Extractivas - 2017”...

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21 September 2017
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Author: AWP

« Des investisseurs appellent les banques à s'engager dans le climat », 14 septembre 2017...

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19 September 2017

Mazars & Shift launch assurance guidance to help assess companies' human rights performance & reporting

Following several years of development, Mazars and Shift launch Assurance Guidance on human rights, intended to help internal auditors and external assurance providers assess companies’ human rights performance and reporting. [refers to Citigroup, H...

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29 June 2017

Top global banks lend billions to extract fossil fuels

Author: Fiona Harvey, The Guardian (UK)

Some of the world's top banks are continuing to lend tens of billions for extracting the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, according to a report of top lenders [by Rainforest Action Network, Banktrack, Sierra Club, Oilchange International.]...The...

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13 June 2017

Norway's sovereign wealth fund will ask banks in which it has invested to disclose how their lending contributes to greenhouse gas emissions

Author: Gwladys Fouche, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Norway's $960 billion sovereign wealth fund will ask the banks in which it has invested to disclose how their lending contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, its chief executive told Reuters on Friday. The world's largest wealth fund...has in the...

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10 May 2017

USA: Environmental NGOs criticise banks' funding of Dakota Access Pipeline, concerned about pollution, indigenous rights

Through the controversy over the Dakota Access Pipeline, NGOs have questioned the role of banks in financing the pipeline's construction and the companies developing it.  In February 2016, after the US Government issued final permits for the pipeline...

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Company response
9 May 2017

Citi Response re: Dakota Access Pipeline

Author: Citigroup

We have engaged for the last seven months with Rainforest Action Network and a number of other stakeholders, as well as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, regarding the project. In response to these concerns, we periodically posted public comments on the...

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5 May 2017
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Publicado en mayo, 2017 - Contenido: 1. Los desafíos de la globalización: reflexiones sobre la responsabilidad empresarial en materia de derechos humanos…Humberto Cantú Rivera (Universidad de Monterrey, México [editor y compilador]. ...

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4 May 2017

USA: Supreme Court rules cities can sue banks for racial targeting of borrowers in housing crisis

Author: Mark Sherman, Associated Press

"Supreme Court says cities can sue banks under anti-bias law", 1 May 2017...

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27 April 2017

USA: Citi CEO says bank approved Dakota Access Pipeline loan without sufficient regard for indigenous peoples' concerns

Author: David Henry, Reuters (UK)

Citi meeting protest prompts apology on pipeline finance steps, 25 April 2017...

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