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Coles Group (part of Wesfarmers)

Headquarters in Australia

Coles Group was an Australian public company that operated numerous retail chains.  In November 2007 it was acquired by Wesfarmers.

Wesfarmers website

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17 October 2017

Australia: Woolworths agrees to back-pay underpaid workers in its labour supply chain

Author: Sarah Danckert, Sydney Morning Herald

"Woolworths trolley collectors to receive back pay", 11 October 2017...

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30 July 2017

Australia: Migrant & refugee farm workers plan strike action against Perfection Fresh for better pay & work conditions

Author: Ben Schneiders, The Age (Melbourne)

"Migrant farm workers take on one of Australia's richest families, the Smorgons", 29 July 2017...

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24 April 2017

NGO coalition urges 72 clothing companies to commit to supply chain transparency pledge

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15 December 2016

Are there human rights abuses in your seafood?

Author: Anchalee Pipattanawattanakul, Greenpeace

Migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar are being used as forced labour in the Thai fishing industry. Using tricks of deception, non-binding verbal agreements and induced debt, these workers catch fish both for human consumption and the pet food...

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15 December 2016

Thailand: Greenpeace's investigation exposes severe labour rights abuses of rogue overseas fishing fleet in animal food export supply chain

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15 December 2016

Turn the Tide

Author: Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s 12-month long investigation exposes the activities of Thailand’s rogue overseas fishing fleets, the companies behind them and their supply chain connections to export markets…In the Saya de Malha Bank, the Thai distant water fleet...

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25 August 2016

Australia: Westfarmers urges supermarkets to sign up to Voluntary Tax Transparency Code

Author: Madeleine Hefferman, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

"Wesfarmers urges Aldi to sign tax code in 'corporate peer pressure'", 15 Aug 2016...

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15 December 2015

Coles, Woolies, Aldi probe Thailand 'slavery' link

Author: AAP

Australia's three major grocery retailers have admitted stocking seafood from a Thai company accused of using slave labour....

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12 May 2015

Australia: Members of govt. working group seek ways "to hold supermarkets to account" for reported labour abuses in supply chains

Author: Brynn O’Brien and Martijn Boersma, Supply Chains Working Group (Australia), in Guardian (UK)

"Cracking down on migrant workers isn't how to hold supermarkets to account", 5 May 2015...

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6 November 2014

Australia: Customer sues Coles Supermarkets over alleged disability discrimination re accessibility of website

Author: Rachel Browne, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

"Blind woman Gisele Mesnage sues Coles over online shopping website", 5 Nov 2014...

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