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23 May 2017

USA: Illegal abuses in Chicago's low-wage workplaces largely unreported by workers for fear of retaliation, new report finds

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11 April 2017
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Author: Auxence Mengue, Le Nouveau Gabon (Gabon)

"Gabon Oil Company veut améliorer les conditions de travail des employés du site de Mboumba", 10 avril 2017...

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29 March 2017

Italy: Bill proposing paid menstrual leave faces criticisms around gender equality & discriminatory hiring practices

Author: Alison Millington, Business Insider (UK)

"Italy could soon offer women three days of paid menstrual leave each month" 29 March 2017...

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14 March 2017

EU: Court rules companies can ban employees from wearing head scarves under certain conditions

Author: Jennifer Rankin, Guardian (UK)

"Employers can ban staff from wearing headscarves, European court rules", 14 Mar 2017...

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28 February 2017

UK economy loses £24 billion a year from discrimination in businesses against black & ethnic minority employees, finds study

Author: Sarah O’Connor, Financial Times (UK)

"UK companies ‘holding back black and ethnic minority workers’", 27 Feb 2017...

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13 February 2017

Commentary: Business & human rights lessons under the Trump administration

Author: Anthony P. Ewing, Logos Consulting Group (USA)

“Business and Human Rights: Lessons for Managing the Trump Presidency”, 13 February 2017...

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26 January 2017

Human Rights Risk Assessment: Equatorial Palm Oil’s Palm Bay Plantation

Author: NomoGaia

“Human Right Risk Assessment: Equatorial Palm Oil’s Palm Bay Plantation”, October 2016...

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23 January 2017

USA: Burton's CEO paid for employees to attend Women's March to promote gender equality

Author: Jenna Amatulli, Huffington Post

“This CEO Is Paying For Employees To Go To The Women’s March”, 19 January 2017...

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13 January 2017

Commentary: Companies with inclusive LGBT policies gain significant economic benefits

Author: Antonio Zappulla, Thomson Reuters Foundation News (UK)

"To advance LGBT rights, companies must think "glocally"", 12 Jan 2017...

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11 January 2017

UK: Govt. to launch review on workplace mental health support

Author: Katie Scott, Employee Benefits (UK)

"Government to launch review into mental health practices in the workplace", 10 Jan 2017...

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