Congo’s Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops

Author: Lydia Polgreen, New York Times, Published on: 15 November 2008

...Col. Samy Matumo...controls this [tin ore]-rich territory...Porters carry the ore nearly 30 miles on their world hungry for the laptops and other electronics that tin helps create...The ore these fighters control is central to the chaos that plagues Congo, helping to perpetuate a conflict in which as many as five million people have died...The proceeds of bankroll virtually every armed group in the region...A company called Mining and Processing Congo bought the rights to search for tin ore at the mine in 2006. But the militia has effectively barred the company, which is owned by a consortium of South African and British investors...some workers are suspicious of the company’s plans, fearing that a road would put thousands of porters out of work... [refers to Global Mining Company, Malaysian Smelting Company Berhad]

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