Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) is the first-ever ranking of the world's largest publicly listed companies on their human rights performance. The CHRB has now begun its pilot benchmark process. 

**The results of the first Corporate Human Rights Benchmark will be launched on 13th March 2017**

The 2016 pilot benchmark will rank the top 100 companies in the agricultural products, apparel, and extractive industries using a rigorous methodology, developed over two years and in consultation with over 400 companies, industry associations, investors, governments, civil society representatives, academics and lawyers.

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Pilot Methodology 2016


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Weighting of the indicators used to assess companies' human rights policies and practice and assign a final ranking score. 


“The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark is at the forefront of encouraging our largest companies to demonstrate the leadership in human rights that the global market needs. CEO’ s have been clear that a human rights benchmark is one of themost powerful tools to change corporate policy and practice by using market mechanisms to generate ‘ a race to the top’ . The rigorous methodology, and its wide consultation with companies, civil society and governments, adds to the credibility and power of the Benchmark."

- Richard Howitt, MEP, European Parliament Spokesperson in Corporate Social Responsibility