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15 September 2016

Philippines: Union leaders at Taifini Copper & Conductor allege union busting by management; company denies allegations, reported buyers respond

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited brands reportedly sourcing from Taifini Copper and Conductor to respond to reports by Partido Manggagawa of alleged attempts to prevent workers from joining a newly formed factory union. Responses...

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14 September 2016

General Electric response

Author: General Electric

With reference to your email regarding the Filipino based company, Taifini Copper and Conductor Inc, we wish to state that we have no production facilities in the Philippines or any relationship with that company there. Having said that, GE will work...

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3 August 2016

US Council for Intl. Business whitepaper explains corporate human rights due diligence

Author: Dr. Ariel Meyerstein, United States Council for International Business, in ethiXbase

“Whitepaper: Responsible Business Conduct: Understanding Human Rights Due Diligence”, July 2016...

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22 April 2016
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Author: Energypress

“Greenpeace demanda a Iberdrola, Mapfre y Siemens que dejen de destruir el Amazonas” 13 de Abril de 2016...

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18 April 2016

Oxfam publishes new report on tax avoidance practices of US corporate giants & calls on govt. to ensure firms pay fair share of taxes


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24 February 2016

Kenya: Macquarie and Old Mutual backed wind power project cancelled due to land & health disputes

Author: George Obulutsa, Reuters (UK)

"Kenyan wind power project cancelled due to land disputes", 23 Feb 2016...

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12 February 2016

New report shows advances by 10 companies to tackle climate change post-COP21

Author: Doug Morrow, Madere Olivar, and Hendrik Garz, Sustainalytics

"10 for 2016 | Paris Agreement: Triumph of the Optimists", Feb 2016...

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19 January 2016

There is hidden workforce of 116 million in global supply chains of fifty companies, says International Trade Union Confederation

Key findings from the report include:...

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6 January 2016

Workplace exposure to toxic chemicals lawsuit (re Taiwan)

In April 2004, 529 workers from the “RCA Victims Aid Organisation” and their families filed a lawsuit against RCA (Radio Corporation of America), Technicolor, Technicolor USA (originally known as Thomson Consumer Electronics), Thomson Consumer...

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26 December 2015

Crèche in offices help women strike work-family balance

Author: Meenakshi Rohtagi, Times News Network

In many companies, considering the number of women in workforce, in-house care centres for children of employees have become part of the basic infrastructure. These daycare facilities take in children as young as four months old to six years...Cummins...

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