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30 November 2017

Italy: Tire co. Pirelli launches new rubber sourcing policy against land-grabbing & deforestation

Author: Global Witness

"New Pirelli policy progressive step forward in the fight against land grabs and deforestation - Global Witness", 13 Nov 2017...

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27 July 2017

US should broaden personal jurisdiction over multinationals operating abroad to ensure remedy for victims of corporate human rights abuses, says academic

Author: Gwynne L. Skinner, Univ. of Willamette, on Penn State Law Review, Winter, 2017

"Expanding General Personal Jurisdiction over Transnational Corporations for Federal Causes of Action", 12 Jul 2017...

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9 December 2016

USA: Corporate Equality Index scores record number of companies full marks for having inclusive policies for LGBT workers

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15 June 2016
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Author: Olivier Petitjean, Observatoire des multinationales (France)

« Alerte sur la dégradation des droits des travailleurs dans le monde », 10 juin 2016...

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16 May 2014
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Author: Anne Jouan, Le Figaro (France)

Employés de l'usine d'Amiens, 700 ex-salariés dont certains sont malades et d'autres déjà décédés, estiment que le géant des pneumatiques a utilisé, au mépris de leur santé, des produits chimiques classés comme cancérogènes. Ils ont choisi les État...

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14 January 2014

Supreme Court Rejects Human Rights Claim Against Multinational Firm [Argentina/USA]

Author: Greg Stohr, Bloomberg

The U.S. Supreme Court gave multinational companies a stronger shield against lawsuits, throwing out a case against Daimler AG over a company unit’s alleged collaboration in torture and killings in Argentina. The justices unanimously said the parent...

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1 August 2013

Thailand oil spill: Tourists abandon blackened Koh Samet beach

Author: Andrew Stevens, CNN

…Ao Prao beach on the island of Koh Samet is the main impact zone of the 50,000 liters of oil…spilled during a faulty transfer operation between a tanker and a seabed pipeline… PTT Global Chemical, the partially state-owned oil giant…has claimed...

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1 January 2012

[PDF] Final report: Intl. civil litigation for human rights violations

Author: Intl. Civil Litigation and the Interest of the Public, Intl. Law Association

The draft resolution proposed by the Committee for adoption by the full house of the International Law Association is aimed at proposing Guidelines or best practices to address the private international law issues which often face national courts when...

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1 December 2011

[PDF] Corporate Equality Index 2012; Rating American Workplaces on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality

Author: Human Rights Campaign Foundation

...[T]he Corporate Equality Index [CEI] represents [how] corporate America...prioritize[s] the protection, recruitment and retention of LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender] employees...[S]uccessful U.S. businesses have proven...that LGBT...

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24 June 2010

Companies commit to human rights in increasing numbers

Author: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre & Realizing Rights

As representatives of over 1000 companies gather this week in New York at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit, Realizing Rights and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre have published a list of over 270 companies worldwide...

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