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India: Multinational & Indian companies still profit from bonded child labour on cottonseed farms, say new reports

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4 October 2004

Multinational and Indian companies still profit from bonded child labour on cottonseed farms in India

Author: India Committee of the Netherlands

An estimated 12,375 children are still working in horrendous conditions on cottonseed farms in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India) producing for the multinational corporations (MNC's) Advanta (Dutch), Bayer (German), Emergent Genetics (US, with an investment from Unilever) and Monsanto (US)...Promises by companies made last year to eradicate child labour in the sector have not translated into solid actions...A second report released today on child labour and labour conditions in cottonseed production in the states of Gujarat and Karnataka, provides evidence that another 117,800 children under 15 are also working under dismal circumstances for multinational and Indian companies.

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1 October 2004

full report: "Child Labour in Hybrid Cottonseed Production in Andhra Pradesh: Recent Developments"

Author: Davuluri Venkateswarlu, Director, Global Research and Consultancy Services, Hyderabad

The multinational seed companies involved in cottonseed business in 2000-01 are Unilever, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Advanta and Emergent Genetics. In 2003-04, all MNCs except Syngenta were engaged in cottonseed production activity in Andhra Pradesh. Hindustan Lever Limited, an Indian subsidiary of Unilever, sold the major part of its cottonseed business in India to Emergent Genetics in 2002. They plan to sell the rest of their shares - presently still at 26% - in 2005. [also refers to Proagro (part of Bayer), Mahendra Hybrids, Paras Seeds, Mahyco]

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1 October 2004

full report: "Child labour in hybrid cottonseed production in Gujarat and Karnataka"

Author: Dr. Davuluri Venkateswarlu, Director, Glocal Research and Consultancy Services, Hyderabad

[refers to Proagro, Emergent Genetics, Advanta, Mahyco-Monsanto, Nuziveedu, JK Agritech, Syngenta, Ankur, Navabharat, Vibha, Nath, Vikram]

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