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Iranians sue UK banks over closed accounts, claiming racial discrimination [UK]

Author: Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Guardian (UK), Published on: 28 March 2014

A group of Iranians…have taken three high-street UK banks to court for what they believe is a misreading of sanctions policy, alleging…racial discrimination…RBS [Royal Bank of Scotland], NatWest [Part of Royal Bank of Scotland] and Lloyds have sent letters to…British citizens with Iranian backgrounds or Iranians living in the UK, saying the banks can no longer provide financial services to them…Blackstone Solicitors…[has] issued proceedings against the banks and was seeking damages…[It] asked the court to grant a group litigation order…RBS and NatWest have agreed not to close the accounts until a final decision in the case…Lloyds said…"While we cannot comment in detail on specific cases, it is important to stress that Lloyds…does not close accounts based on ethnicity…”…An RBS spokesperson said: "[We] strongly refute any claims that we have made any such decisions in a discriminatory way. We…would never close a customer's account based on their race…”…

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