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11 January 2018

Women in electronics factories in Southeast Asia earn less, experience more threats & have higher exposure to health risks than male employees

Author: Laura Villadiego, Equal Times

"The gender gap in the electronics factories: women exposed to chemicals and lower pay", 22 December 2017...

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11 December 2017

KiK releases stand-alone human rights policy

Author: KiK

KiK Textilien & Non-Food GmbH, referred as ‘KiK’ in this document is committed to respecting Human Rights wherever we operate. This statement references and supplements the KiK Code of Conduct which represents the applicable principle for all our...

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5 December 2017

India: UK study reveals BPO workers regularly face racial abuse

Author: Huffington Post (India)

"Indian BPO Workers Regularly Face Racial Abuse, Reveals Study." 27 November 2017...

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16 November 2017

Myanmar: Chevron says it will push for human rights following criticism over its partnership with govt.

Author: Faarea Masud, BBC World Service

"Chevron says it will push for Myanmar human rights", November 2017...

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29 March 2017

The Typology of Modern Slavery

Author: Polaris

... Polaris analyzed more than 32,000 cases of human trafficking documented between December 2007 and December 2016 through its operation of the National Human Trafficking Hotline and BeFree Textline. This is the largest data set on human trafficking...

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5 October 2016
+ العربية - Hide

Author: مصطفي اسى

"أطفال سوريون في لبنان، استغلال تحت التعذيب", 4 يوليو 2016 ...

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