Intl. investment agreements & policy

The global framework of international investment agreements and national investment policies can limit the protection of human rights.  International organizations such as UNCTAD and the South Centre, NGOs, and academics have made proposals to ensure that these agreements and policies do not limit human rights protections, and can even provide greater protection of the rights of those affected by foreign investment.  Some countries have developed policies in this direction and adopted some of these recommendations, in some cases renegotiating their international investment agreements.  

To address these issues, this section of our site includes materials on the human rights impacts of:

  • International investment agreements and policy – both bilateral and multilateral, and including investor protection provisions in trade agreements
  • National policies on foreign investment, including export processing and special economic zones
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13 March 2018
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Author: Á

“ONG's exigen mayor transparencia fiscal a los países del G20” – 12 de marzo de 2018...

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5 February 2018
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Author: Alexandra Endres, ZEIT Online

"Big Oil vor Gericht", 29 Jan 2018...

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6 December 2017

Interview with environmental lawyer Zhang Jingjing on the need for legal requirements for Chinese overseas investments

Author: Zhang Chun, chinadialogue

'China needs urgent oversight of investments', 1 December 2017...

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4 December 2017

EU's proposed Multilateral Investment Court will further expand corporate privileges at the expense of human rights, says NGO report

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1 December 2017

A World Court for Corporations: How the EU Plans to Entrench and Institutionalize Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Author: CIEL, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, & Seattle to Brussels Network

...The European Commission...[has proposed]..a multilateral mechanism for investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)--referred to by the Commission as a Multilateral Investment Court...The proposed global investor court threatens to lock in the highly...

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24 November 2017

Commentary: States should ensure UNGPs reflected in international investment laws & contracts

Author: Tara Van Ho, INTRAlaw Centre, Aarhus University Department of Law, Business and Human Right Journal

International investment law (IIL) provides great protection to corporations through over 3000 treaties, national laws, and state-investor contracts. Corporations often do not need to exhaust domestic remedies, and the decisions of arbitrators may not...

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21 November 2017
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Author: GaïaPresse, (Canada)

 « Les droits de la nature: un nouveau paradigme pour la protection de l'environnement » , 20 novembre 2011...

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14 November 2017

EU: Commission launches public consultation on institutional investors & asset managers' duties regarding sustainability, incl. human rights

Author: European Commission


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8 November 2017

Project on International Arbitration will draft international business and human rights arbitration rules

Author: The Hague Institute for Global Justice

" Business and Human Rights International Arbitration Project launched ", 7 Nov 2017...

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28 October 2017

Philippines: Citizen groups file historic complaint against World Bank for allowing funding of coal-fired power plants despite social, environmental & climate commitments

Author: Manila Bulletin

"World Bank fueling climate change, groups allege in historic complaint", 24 October 2017...

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