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12 December 2017

World Bank to end financial support for oil & gas extraction

Author: Larry Elliott, The Guardian (UK)

The World Bank will end its financial support for oil and gas extraction within the next two years in response to the growing threat posed by climate change. In a statement that delighted campaigners opposed to fossil fuels, the Bank used a conference...

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29 December 2016

Commentary: How the world of work & workers' rights changed in the UK in 2016

Author: Sarah Shearman, Guardian (UK)

"How the world of work changed in 2016", 28 Dec 2016...

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7 December 2016

Insurance coalition finds industry must increase investments to fund climate resilience to minimise risks

Author: Damian Carrington, Guardian (UK)

"Climate change threatens ability of insurers to manage risk", 7 Dec 2016...

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26 September 2016
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(Crédit photo : Confédération Syndicale Internationale)

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8 December 2015

Company pledges on climate change during Paris talks by sector

Author: Heather Clancy & Barbara Grady, GreenBiz (USA)

"A cheat sheet to industry-specific COP21 pledges", 8 Dec 2015...

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2 April 2015

Organizations with sustainable banking programmes & resources

Author: Michael J. Kane, US Environmental Protection Agency

"Sustainable Banking Global Survey: Organizations with Sustainable Banking Programs and Resources", Mar 2015...

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11 February 2014

The Banks and Society: Trust rebuilt? (UK)

Author: Rathbone Greenbank Investments and the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility

Rathbone Greenbank Investments and the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility...announce the launch of their joint report on the banking sector...[In] 2013, Rathbone Greenbank Investments, in partnership with the Ecumenical Council for...

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14 November 2013

Business leaders must take a stand on mental health

Author: Dennis Stevenson, in Financial Times (UK)

[W]e only talk about workplace stress when there is a high-profile case of mental ill-health is a problem…We must work to make it acceptable – to reduce the number of people who feel they must hide, freeing them to understand their illness and seek...

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6 November 2013

Stress Awareness Day: Deloitte joins mental health awareness programme

Author: Owain Thomas, Workplace Savings & Benefits (UK)

Deloitte is joining the Time to Change programme which aims to end the stigma and discrimination against people with experience of mental health problems. The firm joins a wide range of organisations that have already signed-up to the pledge…Time to...

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1 November 2013

[PDF] Time to clean up: How Barclays promotes the use of tax havens in Africa

Author: ActionAid

[Business & & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Barclays to respond. Response provided.] Barclays bank is now reported to be the largest retails bank in Africa…[R]apidly rising commodity prices have resulted in a steady increase in foreign...

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