New UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights: A business briefing

Author: Luke Wilde, TwentyFifty [UK], Published on: 24 March 2011

Why should businesses pay attention to these Guiding Principles?...‘The Guiding Principles...’ have been developed by...Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General...John Ruggie...The principles do not create any new legal obligations, but they do establish clear benchmarks for States, and for businesses...These are benchmarks which business, and governments, must now expect campaigners, local communities, and consumers to judge them against...[They] have sparked the interest of many governments, the European Union, and in particular in the emerging economies of the South, where the social impacts of business activities are often hardest felt. Businesses should take heed of these Guiding Principles...[because] They will increasingly shape the operating context...They provide business with direction on how to put a commitment to respect human rights into practice...They provide guidance on how to operate responsibly when companies find themselves in conflict ridden, or post conflict societies

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