[PDF] Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Engineering Contractors and their Clients

Author: Engineers against poverty, International Alert, Published on: 1 September 2006

Contractors operating in unstable states face a range of conflict risks. Oil, gas and mining projects, which frequently have significant contractor involvement, can inadvertently trigger or sustain violence, or become the focus of resentment themselves…Engineering contractors often operate in ‘post-conflict’ environments as part of wider reconstruction efforts…contractors…are increasingly finding themselves at the fore of decision-making. Improved management systems are needed to deal with the challenges of operating in such contexts, specifically with regard to the incidence of violent conflict…This guidance note is addressed both to engineering contractors and their clients. It examines some key issues related to conflict, contractors and conflict sensitivity, and introduces conflict-sensitive business practice [refers to ABB, Alsthom, Lahmeyer, Harbin Power Engineering (HPE) (part of Harbin Power Equipment), Talisman Energy, China International Water and Electric]

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