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10 October 2017
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Author: Peter von Hartlieb-Wallthor (EnergieAgentur NRW), Dr. Herwig Marbler (DERA)


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18 July 2017

Africa: Investigation reveals tobacco firms allegedly threatening efforts that could save millions from harmful effects of tobacco use; companies comment

Multinational tobacco firms have threatened governments in Africa demanding they axe or dilute the kind of protections that have saved millions of lives in the west, a Guardian investigation has found. Various companies mentioned in the investigation...

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30 June 2017
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Author: Coque Mukuta, VOA-Serviço em Português para África (Angola)

"Pobreza e falta de fiscalização na base do tráfico humano em Angola, dizem activistas-Departamento de Estado americano coloca Angola no grupo de países que não cumprem os requisitos para combater o tráfico de pessoas", 29 de junho de 2017...

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11 May 2017

The dubious friends of Donald trump: King of Diamonds

Author: ZEMBLA -Onderzoeksjournalistiek

Although still in its early days, Donald Trump's presidency is coming under fire...In the second part of our programme about Donald Trump's controversial friends, we will set our sights on the Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, who is controversial...

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7 May 2017

So. Africa: Mineral Governance Barometer for Southern Africa launched; pilot study reviews mining regulations in 10 countries

Author: Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa & Southern Africa Resource Watch (South Africa)

This pilot study provides a barometer of mineral governance in ten Southern African countries: Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The barometer takes...

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1 August 2016

Inside special economic zones in Cambodia, China - labour abuses rampant

Author: Matt Kennard and Claire Provost, In These Times

Inside the Corporate Utopias Where Capitalism Rules and Labor Laws Don't Apply, 25 July 2016...

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10 July 2016

Namibia: Former De Beers Marine employee granted permission to sue company as a pauper; company appeals court decision

Author: Werner Menges, The Namibian (Namibia)

"Diamond giant appeals over 'pauper' label", 7 July 2016...

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30 June 2016

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report: How does your country fare?

Author: Juliet Perry, CNN

…According to the U.S. State Department the report is “the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts.” It rates 190 nations—up from last year’s 188… on how effectively governments are tackling the human...

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3 May 2016
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Author: François Mazet, RFI

"Invité Afrique: Gabrielle Hecht (historienne): « L’uranium est un enjeu de puissance pour les industries »", 1er mai 2016...

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Company response
14 December 2015

Rio Tinto response

Author: Rio Tinto

Once again, the IndustriAll campaign seems to be based on information that is in most cases inaccurate or out of date. This is misleading as it misrepresents our working conditions and calls into question the value that we place on the health and...

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