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12 July 2016

New BSR working paper on opportunities for sector collaboration to address workers’ rights in engineering and construction

Author: Jean-Baptiste Andrieu, Aude Ucla & Michaela Lee, BSR

"Addressing Workers’ Rights in the Engineering and Construction Sector: Opportunities for Collaboration", 6 Jul 2016...

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6 July 2016

Opinion: Businesses can use their leverage to protect the rights of migrant domestic workers in the Gulf

Author: Vani Saraswathi, Migrant-Rights.org

"Business & Human Rights: Companies can use their leverage to protect migrant domestic workers", 6 Jul 2016...

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30 June 2016

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report: How does your country fare?

Author: Juliet Perry, CNN

…According to the U.S. State Department the report is “the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts.” It rates 190 nations—up from last year’s 188… on how effectively governments are tackling the human...

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2 June 2016

Kuwait: Chinese workers protest over unpaid wages

Author: Kuwait Times

Kuwait police broke up a gathering by Chinese workers in front of Chinese Embassy on Wednesday night. A security source said the gathering was due to lack of payment of their salaries. The workers demanded airplane tickets to go home, which the...

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31 May 2016

Qatar ranks 5th globally for modern day slavery

Author: Gulf Business

Qatar has ranked in the top five countries in the world for prevalence of modern day slavery...with a slavery prevalence rate of 1.36 per cent...in the Global Slavery Index 2016 by the Walk Free Foundation...[According to the report], Qatar has an...

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11 May 2016

Industry platform publishes opinions on who should be accountable for worker safety in the GCC

Author: Neha Bhatia, ConstructionWeek

"Who should be accountable for GCC labour safety?", 1 May 2016...

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10 May 2016

UAE: Abu Dhabi Dialogue convenes senior officials from Asia and the Gulf to discuss cooperation on labour mobility and recruitment

Author: Emirates 24/7

"UAE to host Abu Dhabi Dialogue meetings", 10 May 2016....

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4 May 2016

Oman's Ministry of Manpower set to improve legal protections for domestic workers

Author: Rejimon K, Times of Oman

"Domestic workers set for legal rights in Oman", 27 Apr 2016...

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6 April 2016

Facing Finance report

Author: Facing Finance

"Dirty Profits 4: Report on Companies and Financial Institutions Benefitting from Violations of Human Rights," 16 Feb 2016...

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4 March 2016

ActionAid report on how "shady" tax treaties disproportionately favour multinationals, fuelling inequality and poverty

A report by ActionAid says tax treaties with the club of world's richest countries - the OECD - are stopping poor countries' power to tax multinational companies more than others, exacerbating inequality and poverty. [refers to Google, Amazon, MTN,...

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