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19 September 2016

Commentary: Higher wages in the Gulf drive worker migration despite restricted rights

Author: The Economist (Middle East and Africa)

"Open doors but different laws", 10 Sep 2016....

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17 September 2016

UN Special Rapporteur Urges Kuwait to Abolish the “Kafala” System to Decrease Exploitation of Migrant Workers

Author: United Nations News Centre

UN expert urges Kuwait to redouble efforts to stop trafficking, exploiting domestic workers...

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14 September 2016

Human rights costs mar economic benefits of migrating to the Gulf

Do the expected economic gains of migration outweigh restrictions on workers’ rights and freedoms in the Gulf? The social cost of migration is increasingly becoming an imbalanced trade-off for migrants and the families awaiting their return. From the...

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4 August 2016

QuickTake Q&A: Why Layoffs Are Dire for Foreign Laborers in Gulf

Author: Laurence Arnold & Glen Carey, Bloomberg (USA)

The plight of nearly 16,000 South Asia workers abandoned in camps by employers in Saudi Arabia has drawn attention to the kafala system of migrant labor sponsorship practiced in Gulf Arab states...If things go bad, workers can’t go home unless their...

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12 July 2016

New BSR working paper on opportunities for sector collaboration to address workers’ rights in engineering and construction

Author: Jean-Baptiste Andrieu, Aude Ucla & Michaela Lee, BSR

"Addressing Workers’ Rights in the Engineering and Construction Sector: Opportunities for Collaboration", 6 Jul 2016...

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6 July 2016

Opinion: Businesses can use their leverage to protect the rights of migrant domestic workers in the Gulf

Author: Vani Saraswathi, Migrant-Rights.org

"Business & Human Rights: Companies can use their leverage to protect migrant domestic workers", 6 Jul 2016...

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30 June 2016

U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report: How does your country fare?

Author: Juliet Perry, CNN

…According to the U.S. State Department the report is “the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts.” It rates 190 nations—up from last year’s 188… on how effectively governments are tackling the human...

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2 June 2016

Kuwait: Chinese workers protest over unpaid wages

Author: Kuwait Times

Kuwait police broke up a gathering by Chinese workers in front of Chinese Embassy on Wednesday night. A security source said the gathering was due to lack of payment of their salaries. The workers demanded airplane tickets to go home, which the...

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31 May 2016

Qatar ranks 5th globally for modern day slavery

Author: Gulf Business

Qatar has ranked in the top five countries in the world for prevalence of modern day slavery...with a slavery prevalence rate of 1.36 per cent...in the Global Slavery Index 2016 by the Walk Free Foundation...[According to the report], Qatar has an...

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11 May 2016

Industry platform publishes opinions on who should be accountable for worker safety in the GCC

Author: Neha Bhatia, ConstructionWeek

"Who should be accountable for GCC labour safety?", 1 May 2016...

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