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1 January 2018

Liberia: BMMC hands over 200 housing units, school, clinic to Kinjor residents

Author: David S. Menjor, Daily Observer (Liberia)

"BMMC Turns Over 200 Housing Units, School, Clinic to Kinjor Residents", 28 Dec 2017...

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21 November 2017

BHP, Vale & Samarco: New agreement reached in civil law proceedings; incl. extending timeline for agreeing reparation arrangements

Author: R.T. Watson, Sydney Morning Herald

"BHP-Vale deal distances companies from $71.5b in dam collapse lawsuits", 18 November 2017...

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8 November 2017

G7 Health ministers issue statement on climate change’s negative effects on health

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6 November 2017

UN Special Rapporteur on Toxic Wastes warns EU of negative effects of glyphosates on children's health

Author: Baskut Tuncak for The Guardian

...Two weeks ago, some European countries blocked the attempt to give glyphosate a new 10-year licence. This decision is about much more than one pesticide. It’s a welcome sign that EU member states might be more vigilant in performing their duty to...

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29 October 2017

Indonesia: Cigarette companies target children with low prices: Activists

Author: Alin Almanar, Jakarta Globe

"Cigarette Companies Target Children With Low Prices: Activists", 25 October 2017...

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23 October 2017

Brazil: The River is Dead

Author: London Mining Network

"The River is Dead", October 2017...

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22 October 2017

Mexico: Local organization opposing mining activities of El Puntal denounces harassment after criticising water pollution in Chiapas

Author: Kaelyn DeVries, Upside Down World (Mexico)

“Criminalizing Resistance: Militarization, Murder, and Extractivism in Chiapas”, 17 Oct 17...

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14 October 2017

Thailand: Waste water flood from ethanol factory in Suphan Buri affects locals’ health, destroys crops

"Victims of ethanol factory spill cite destroyed crops, health problems in appeal for aid", 11 October 2017...

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13 October 2017

USA: Michigan community divided on potential environmental & health impacts of Aquila Resources' mines

Author: Danielle Kaedling, Wisconsin Public Radio

“Tension Mounts Over Back Forty Mine As It Nears Final Approval”, 4 October 2017...

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16 July 2017
+ العربية - Hide

Author: سارة نور، مصر العربية

بعد «عشرين سنة خدمة».. عمال «هني ويل» في الشارع، 6 أبريل 2017...

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