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10 July 2017

Indonesia: Locals resist sand mining and construction of artificial islands due to potential harm to fish stocks and environment

Author: Wahyu Chandra & Rahmat Hardiansya, Mongabay

"Locals mount fierce resistance against sand mining, land reclamation in Makassar", 11 July 2017...

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5 July 2017

Vietnam: Residents challenge unregistered sand miners over fears of landslides & property damage -when challenged, some miners assault locals

Author: Vietnamnet

"Sand exploitation out of control as violators threaten authorities", 06 July 2017...

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18 June 2017

Cambodia: Environmental activist alleges police harassment and seeks help from UN OHCHR

Author: Sek Odom, Cambodia Daily

"Anarchist" Activist Flees Village for UN, Alleging Harassment", 13 June 2017...

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9 January 2017

Cambodian NGO engages Singaporean law firm to look into complicity of Singaporean entities in environmental destruction arising from sand mining

Author: Ariffin Sha, The Online Citizen

“Cambodian NGO engages local law firm to look into complicity of Singaporean Entities in ‘environmental destruction’ arising from Sand Mining”, 3 Jan 2017...

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5 January 2017

Cambodian NGO to sue Singaporean companies over alleged impacts of sand dredging on local livelihoods & environment

Author: The Independent (Singapore)

"Cambodian NGO engages local law firm to bring action against Singapore statutory boards and companies", 3 Jan 2017...

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3 January 2017

Cambodia: Large-scale disparities in sand export data suggests smuggling, corruption & abuse of power behind sand dredging

Author: Alex Willemyns & Mech Dara, Phnom Penh Post

“Fresh sand controversy”, 2 Jan 2017...

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15 November 2016

Cambodia: Following reports of corruption, nearly 50 civil society organizations call on govt. to ban or severely restrict sand exports for environmental reasons

Author: Brooks Boliek, Radio Free Asia

"Sand Storm: $750 Million Worth of The Material is Unaccounted For in Cambodia", 2 Nov 2016...

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1 November 2016

Cambodia: Locals protest destruction of coastal resources from dredging sand for Singapore’s land reclamation projects

Author: Michele Penna, Christian Science Monitor

"Cambodia's villagers lose ground – literally – to Singapore's expansion", 21 Oct 2016...

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16 September 2016

Intl. Criminal Court widens remit to cases on destruction of environment, exploitation of natural resources & illegal dispossession

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25 July 2016

So. Africa: MRC pulls out of Xolobeni in Wild Coast; cites threats to peace and harmony of the local community

Author: Tony Carnie, IOL (South Africa)

"Mining firm pulls out of Wild Coast plan", 19 July 2016...

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