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6 January 2018

Thailand: Govt. prepares to defend suspension of Australian-owned gold mining operation at intl. arbitration; says order is to protect environment & residents' health

Author: The Nation

"Govt prepares to defend gold mine" 31 December 2017...

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4 January 2018

India: Despite reports on child deaths in mica mines, new investigations find company initiatives failing to have any tangible action on the ground

Author: Nita Bhalla, Thomson Reuters Foundation, India

 "In search of sparkle: is corporate inaction on mica condemning Indian children to death?" 19 December 2017...

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30 December 2017

India: Delhi Solidarity Group report finds “violation of safety norms” and “tearing hurry” at power unit as key reasons behind Nov 2017 blast

Author: Indian Express

"Safety norms violation led to NTPC Unchahar tragedy: Report," 10 December 2017...

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18 December 2017

Oman: Heavy rains leave migrant workers homeless

Author: Saleh Al Shaibany, The National (UAE)

"Three killed as heavy rains lash Oman", 17 December 2017...

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Company response
3 December 2017

TCI Sanmar Chemicals' response regarding a worker strike protesting safety and environmental conditions

Author: TCI Sanmar Chemicals

...As previously explained in our letter dated 9 August 2017, we stress that TCI Sanmar has established and maintains...state of the art facilities ensuring that it is in full compliance with the highest international standards of environment...

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2 December 2017

India: British Safety Council report says 48,000 die yearly due to occupational accidents

Author: Times of India

"48,000 die due to occupational accidents yearly: Study", 20 November 2017...

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29 November 2017

Uganda: Govt. agency to probe Maguye Sugar Factory for allegedly mistreating workers, including harsh working conditions

Author: Prisca Baike, The Observer (Uganda)

"State agency plans probe into abuse of workers"...

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27 November 2017

UAE: Waste treatment plant workers hospitalised following gas leak

Author: Afkar Abdullah, Khaleej Times (UAE)

“55 Sharjah workers treated after inhaling gas in workplace leak”, 1 November 2017...

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18 November 2017

Thailand: Locals allege Akara’s gold mine tailing storage leaked into canals & paddy fields emitting bad smell that irritated people’s respiratory tracts

Author: Pratch Rujivanarom, The Nation

"Locals point to severe water pollution near Akara gold mine", 19 November 2017...

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13 November 2017

India: Petition calls on IFC to improve treatment of workers in tea plantations, as investigation report identifies persisting problems

Author: Human Rights Watch

"World Bank: Few Improvements on India’s Tea Plantations", 6 Nov 2017...

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