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20 February 2017

UK: Govt. identifies & fines nearly 700 companies for failing to pay minimum or living wage

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28 December 2016

UK: Home Office identifies possible victims of modern slavery while investigating illegal immigration in nail salons

Author: Rowena Mason, Guardian (UK)

"Home Office targets nail bars over illegal immigration", 28 Dec 2016...

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5 January 2016
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Author: Agencia Andina de Noticias Perú

“Se rescataron a 133 menores en acciones contra el trabajo infantil”, 31 de Diciembre de 2015...

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16 August 2015

Pakistan: Child labour continues to destroy lives

Author: Shazia Mehboob, Express Tribune [Pakistan]

Haider Ali is among millions of children in Pakistan who are involved in labour work at an age when they should be in school. The 12-year-old spends his day at an auto-mechanic shop, assisting his ‘master’ in repairing motorcycles and spends his night...

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6 January 2015

Video testimonies from workers exposed to asbestos, incl. at warehouses & paper mills

Author: MesotheliomaHelp (USA)

"Occupations Exposed to Asbestos"...

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21 January 2014
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Author: Ministério Público do Trabalho em Rondônia, Brasil

Uma Lanchonete e um Lava Jato em Porto Velho, fiscalizados...[por] órgãos públicos de fiscalização da exploração do trabalho infantil da criança e do adolescente, firmaram Termo de Ajuste de Conduta [TAC] perante o MPT para cumprirem a legislação em...

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20 October 2013

Authorities collect JD3.3 million in labour fines — Katamine [Jordan]

Author: Hani Hazaimeh, Jordan Times

The [Jordanian] Labour Ministry has cancelled the repatriation of 527 guest workers after they paid more than JD1 million in fines...In September, the ministry referred 12 suspected human trafficking cases to the anti-human trafficking unit, in which...

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1 September 2013

[PDF] Impact Project - Executive Summary

Author: CSR Impact

The IMPACT project (“Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR”) has been the first systematic attempt to assess and measure the contribution of CSR to the social, economic and environmental goals of the EU...IMPACT explored how companies in...

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26 August 2013

Child labor in Afghanistan

Author: Fayez Khorshid, Press Tv (Iran)

Child labor still remains rampant in the war-hit Afghanistan. Emal is one of those working children. He repairs cars to feed his family...Most brick factories are packed with children. It is, of course, not an easy job...Child labor has turned into a...

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2 April 2013
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Author: Rénovat Ndabashinze, Afriquinfos [Espagne]

Orphelins du VIH/Sida, des enfants en situation de rue, enfants chefs de ménage…sont plus touchés par le phénomène de travail des enfants et sont engagés comme domestiques, aide-boys, lavandiers, jardiniers, boutiquiers, etc. Et cela, en violation...

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