UK Modern Slavery Act & Registry

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is currently maintaining a public track record of companies' statements under the UK Modern Slavery Act.

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If your company has produced a statement to comply with this legislation that you would like to appear in our registry, please send it to Patricia Carrier ([email protected]).

What people are saying about the Modern Slavery Act Registry

This Registry is a fantastic resource for everyone in business, civil society and government wanting to eradicate modern slavery. Walk Free's millions of activists can now use the Registry to review companies' efforts and we will be highlighting the better-informed company statements as examples of analysis and commitment to be emulated.

Joanna Ewart-James, Director, Walk Free


This registry is an important tool for journalists who are monitoring company statements under the Act. It is critical that these statements are accessible in one place so we can identify companies that aren't meeting the mark in eradicating slavery.

Josh Boswell, Investigative Journalist, The Times


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Section 54 requires every organisation with a total global annual turnover of £36m that is carrying out a business (or part of a business) in the UK to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.  The statement must contain details of the steps that the organisation has taken in that year to identify and eradicate modern slavery from both its own business and its supply chain (or state that no steps have been taken, if this is the case).  The statement must be signed by a director and there must be a link to it from the company's homepage.

In July 2016, the Resource Centre with other key stakeholders - the ETIAnti-Slavery InternationalFLEXKnowTheChainHumanity UnitedFreedom Fund and CORE Coalition - issued a statement emphasizing that a transparent, free and open access registry is critical and urgent.  The organizations are currently in discussions on how to make this a reality and will provide an update in September.

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