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15 November 2017

Tanzania releases its national baseliness assessment on business & human rights, a critical step towards developing a NAP

“National Baseline Assessment of Current Implementation of Business and Human Rights Frameworks in the United Republic of Tanzania”...

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6 November 2017

“Avanzando hacia tratado vinculante de empresas transnacionales y derechos humanos”

Author: Fundeps

25 de octubre de 2017...

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23 October 2017

John Ruggie receives A.SK Social Science Award; explores key business & human rights developments in acceptance speech

Author: John G. Ruggie

"A.SK Social Science Award 2017, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Acceptance Speech, John G. Ruggie." 14 Oct 2017 ...

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4 October 2017
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Author: Observatorio de RSC, Amnistía Internacional, Coordinadora de ONG por el Desarrollo, Enlázate por la Justicia, Greenpeace, Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo y Federación de Asociaciones de Defensa y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos

“El nuevo Plan de Empresa y Derechos Humanos: un paso insuficiente” – 4 de octubre de 2017...

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3 October 2017

Chile: Full text of Natl. Action Plan on business & human rights released

Author: Govt. of Chile

“National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights Chile”...

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26 September 2017

US Dept. of Labor launches 2016 child labour report & mobile app designed to help businesses address child & forced labour in supply chains

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22 September 2017

US govt. launches app to guide development of social compliance systems to address forced & child labour

Author: US Department of Labor

[I]n too many countries, illegal labor practices persist, either going unchecked or willfully ignored. Lack of accountability and oversight of labor rights has made it more likely that goods imported into the U.S. may be tainted by child labor and...

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18 September 2017

2017 UN Forum on business & human rights: registration opens & draft programme now available

Author: UN Working Group on business & human rights

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights is the global platform for yearly stock-taking and lesson-sharing on efforts to move the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights from paper to practice. The central theme of the 2017 Forum is ...

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12 September 2017

Kenya publishes baseline assessment on business & human rights as a precursor to National Action Plan

Author: Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

"Kenya National Baseline Assessment on Business & Human Rights 2017...

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31 August 2017

Commentary: Canada should develop national action plan on business and human rights

Author: Michael Torrance, The Globe and Mail

"Canada must develop national plan on responsible business and human rights," 29 August 2017...

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