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10 April 2017

African Union endorses Pan African Women's Charter on Land Rights - women's rights groups call it "giant step forward"

Author: Intl. Land Coalition - Africa

One giant step forward for women’s land rights: The African Union officially endorses Pan African Women’s Charter on Land Rights...

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3 April 2017

African Union draft policy framework on business & human rights

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13 March 2017

Cameroon: Access Now & local civil society urge telecommunications companies to restore internet access

Following government-ordered internet shutdowns targeting Anglophone regions of the country, Access Now and local NGOs urged telecommunications companies to restore internet access. We invited Orange, MTN and Nexttel/Viettel to respond. Orange's...

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6 January 2016
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Author: Lumière, Synergie et Développement (LSD), le Centre pour le Contrôle Démocratique des Forces Armées de Genève (DCAF)

"Réglementation des entreprises de sécurité privées (ESP): augmenter et promouvoir l'engagement de la société civile. Atelier de travail avec les OSC Ouest africaines", 5 janvier 2016...

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18 October 2015

National Action Plans on business & human rights - key take-aways from consultations in Africa, Asia

Author: CALS-SMU Coalition on National Action Plans for Business and Human Rights (So. Africa & Singapore)

"Asia & Africa National Action Plans Update to the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights", Oct 2015...

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2 September 2015

Africa: Academic urges economic justice actors to fight both illegal and licit financial flows, adopt more nuanced approach

Author: Patrick Bond, University of Kwazulu Natal in Pambazuka News (Africa)

'Retreat of foreign investment from Africa means less looting', 2 Sep 2015:…[A] Zimbabwe NGO conference…was dedicated to fighting illegal capital flight from across the African continent…[Will] the region’s…economic-justice NGOs take the next step and...

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1 September 2015

Concept note of the first subregional workshop convened by AU, UN on curbing illicit financial flows from Africa

Author: UNECA, African Capacity Building Foundation

'First subregional workshop on curbing illicit financial flows (IFFs) from Africa', 1 Sep 2015:...In 2012, ECA and the African Union Commission set up the High Level Panel (HLP) on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa…The report of the High Level Panel...

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28 July 2015

African trade unions say they will pressure businesses operating within the continent to pay their fair share of tax

Author: Chineme Okafor, This Day (Nigeria)

'Illicit Financial Flow: African Labour Unions to Pressure Big Businesses', 28 Jul 2015: [African] Labour unions…have said that they will…put more pressure on big companies and businesses operating within the continent to pay their fair and true share...

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3 July 2015

Pan African Lawyers Union invites submission of abstracts for second African Law Yearbook

Author: Pan African Lawyers Union

'Call for abstracts for second edition of Pan African Yearbook of Law (PAYL)', 3 Jul 2015:...The Editorial Committee of the Pan African Yearbook of Law invites authors to submit abstracts for manuscripts…[that] may derive from any of the following...

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25 June 2015

So. Africa, Mauritius negotiate tax treaty to target illicit financial flows

Author: Lisa Steyn, Mail & Guardian (So. Africa)

'Tax treaty with Mauritius blocks outflow', 26 Jun 2015: [In line with] [g]lobal…initiatives…to close tax loopholes…South Africa[‘s]…new treaty with Mauritius …[which] will be applied from January 1 [2016]…[is] intended…to make it harder for companies...

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