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1 July 2011

[PDF] Holding Businesses Accountable for Human Rights Violations: Recent Developments and Next Steps

Author: Connie de la Vega, Amol Mehra, Alexandra Wong, for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

...[The] Guiding Principles [on Business and Human Rights were drafted] to assist governments and corporations in the implementation of the [UN "Protect, Respect and Remedy"] framework. While these principles contain positive elements, they fall short...

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1 January 2011

[PDF] The Montreux Document on Private Military and Security Companies: Proceedings of the Regional Workshop for Latin America

Author: Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)

On the 12th and 13th of May 2011 a workshop was held in Santiago, Chile, to discuss the “Montreux Document on Pertinent International Legal Obligations and Good Practices for States related to Operations of Private Military and Security Companies...

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8 November 2010

Investors ask companies in Sudan to respect human rights

Author: Robert Kropp, Social Funds

...[I]nvestor members of CRN [Conflict Risk Network] sent letters to telecommunications and oil and gas companies operating in Sudan, "calling on them…to ensure they do not infringe on human rights" as the country prepares for the January referendum.....

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1 November 2010

[PDF] The past and present of corporate complicity: Financing the Argentinean dictatorship

Author: J.P Bohoslavsky & V. Opgenhaffen, in Harvard Human Rights Journal

This paper examines the main legal aspects of corporate civil responsibility for facilitating serious violations of human rights, focusing specifically on bank activity. It analyzes, in detail, the Argentinean case and the financial support received...

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25 October 2010

Corporate War Crimes: Prosecuting Pillage of Natural Resources

Author: Open Society Justice Initiative

Pillage means theft during war. Although the prohibition against pillage dates to the Roman Empire, pillaging is a modern war crime that can be enforced before international and domestic criminal courts…Reviving corporate liability for pillaging...

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8 October 2010

Shortening the Long Arm of the Law [USA]

Author: [opinion] John B. Bellinger III, former US State Dept. legal advisor, New York Times

For more than a decade, dozens of multinational corporations have been sued in federal courts in the United States for alleged human rights violations under the...Alien Tort Statute. Now these suits may be over. In August...[the New York-based Second...

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1 October 2010

[PDF] Call for abstracts and papers: Human rights challenges for multinational corporations working and investing in conflict zones

Author: Human Rights & International Legal Discourse

The business and human rights agenda has continuously been expanding over the last few...

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16 June 2010

[PDF] Overcoming Obstacles to Justice: Improving Access to Judicial Remedies for Business Involvement in Grave Human Rights Abuses

Author: Mark B. Taylor, Robert C. Thompson, Anita Ramasastry

There is ample evidence that business activities can have a detrimental impact on human rights…Yet, there are few effective remedies available. In many states, laws to protect human rights from harmful business activities either do not exist or are...

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22 March 2010

[PDF] International Environmental Pollution and some other PIL-Issues of Transnational Corporate Social Responsibility

Author: Veerle Van Den Eeckhout, Leiden University & University of Antwerp

A case-study of the instrumentalisation of Private International Law in the year 2010: developments at the beginning of a new decade: On the 30th of December 2009, the court of The Hague accepted international competence in the case “Shell/Shell...

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16 March 2010

Salil Tripathi, Institute for Human Rights & Business presentation to Second Regional Forum on the Prevention of Genocide (Tanzania, 3-5 March)

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