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9 November 2016

Responsible business in Iran

Since the lifting of sanctions against Iran on January 16, 2016, foreign investor interest in the Iranian market has been significant, despite some hurdles.  As an article by FDI Intelligence highlights, Iran won 22 foreign investment projects in the...

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1 November 2016

Iran opens for Telecoms Connections: Western telecoms and media groups look to strike deals in untapped market

Author: Nic Fildes and Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times

When Twitter’s Jack Dorsey tweeted Hassan Rouhani in 2013 to ask if any of the citizens of his country were able to read the Iranian president’s tweets, he probably did not expect a response. To the surprise of many in the West, Mr Rouhani quickly...

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18 October 2016

Calling Tehran: Vodafone Leaps Into Iran With Internet-Service Deal

Author: Stu Woo and Asa Fitch, Wall Street Journal

Vodafone Group PLC intends to work with an Iranian internet-service provider to help improve its local networks, becoming the first big Western firm to jump into Iran after the U.S. moved earlier this month to make it easier for companies to do...

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13 October 2016

MSA Briefing Holder

Analysis shows only a hanfdul of company statements are meeting the Act’s requirements, majority lack adequate information  

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25 July 2016

Report: "How the Free Flow of Data Enhances Trade & Human Rights"

Author: Institute for Human Rights and Business

"No Trade Off - How the Free Flow of Data Enhances Trade and Human Rights"...

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12 July 2016

Access Now welcomes statement on shutdowns by telecoms and internet giants

Author: Access Now

Today leading internet and telecommunications giants issued a strong rebuke of the use of internet shutdowns worldwide. The Global Network Initiative (GNI) and the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue — which include company members AT&T, Google,...

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15 April 2016

Access Now sends digital rights demands to 10 tech and telco chairs


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22 June 2016

Commentary: Companies should use reporting requirements under UK Modern Slavery Act as impetus to address grave human rights risks in supply chains

Author: Anna Triponel, Triponel Consulting, Thomson Reuters

"Modern Slavery Act: vital insights from soft law", 21 June 2016...

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13 June 2016

Telecommunications Industry Dialogue releases annual report 2015

Author: Telecommunications Industry Dialogue

"Telecommunications Industry Dialoge Annual Report 2015," May 2016...

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3 June 2016

Green Deal Cooperation proves transparency is key to limiting long-term financial & environmental risks

Author: Ministry of Economic Affairs, IUCN NL, MVO Nederland, True Price

"It pays to be transparent: Lessons learnt in the Green Deal Cooperation towards Transparency in Natural and Social Capital, 2014 – 2016," May 2016...

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