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11 February 2018

Corporations & human rights obligations

Author: Denis G. Arnold

"Corporations and Human Rights Obligations," 21 April 2016...

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9 February 2018

Primark publishes global supplier list; incl. no of employees in each factory & gender distribution

Author: Prachi Singh, Fashion United

"Primark publishes global supplier list as it embraces transparency", 7 Feb 18...

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7 February 2018

UK: Tesco faces record £4 bln equal pay claim, says law firm pursuing case

Author: Reuters

Supermarket group Tesco is facing a potential bill of up to 4 billion pounds ($5.6 billion) in a record equal pay claim involving mainly women workers at its British stores, according to the law firm pursuing the case....

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5 February 2018

New venture fund launched to invest in innovative solutions promoting transparency & responsible supply chains

U.S. based foundation Humanity United has partnered with leading brands, foundations, and impact investors to launch a $23 million venture fund aimed at leveraging innovative technology solutions to promote responsible supply chains. Working Capital...

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1 February 2018

New database helps co's combat abuse in their seafood supply chains

Author: Clare Leschin-Hoar, National Public Radio

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program [...] is unveiling its first Seafood Slavery Risk Tool on Thursday. It's a database designed to help corporate seafood buyers assess the risk of forced labor, human trafficking and hazardous child...

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30 January 2018

Disney & Walmart among co's partnering with UK Govt. to invest in new technologies to tackle supply chain slavery

Author: Umberto Bacchi, Thomas Reuters Foundation

A $23 million venture fund aiming to tackle the threat of forced labour in big businesses with the help of tech startups was launched on Tuesday, backed by brands from Disney to Walmart....

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29 January 2018

USA: Undocumented, female workers in agricultural industry often face abusive working conditions

Author: Ariel Ramchandani, The Atlantic

Undocumented workers without papers and workers on temporary visas are extremely vulnerable to exploitation in the workplace. This exploitation takes many forms, including unfair labor practices, working without fair pay, and sexual harassment and...

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27 January 2018

UK: Class action lawsuits against supermarkets Sainsbury's & Asda demand equal pay

Author: Louise Tickle, The Guardian (UK)

Nearly a thousand employees have now joined the action [originally lodged in 2015 by three female workers based at a Sainsbury’s in Shrewsbury and one in Fareham, Hampshire]... 17,000 Asda workers [...] are [also] claiming equal pay for jobs of equal...

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24 January 2018

Forced labour persists in the Thai fishing industry

Author: Emma Richards, Asian Correspondent

"Despite government commitments to reform the industry, forced labour and other rights abuses remain widespread in Thailand’s fishing fleets, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report said Tuesday...The report [...] found migrant workers from neighbouring...

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17 January 2018

Supermarkets refuse to share plastic footprint, says Guardian amid growing health concerns over plastic found in tap water

Author: Sandra Laville and Matthew Taylor, The Guardian (UK)

As concern over the scale of unnecessary plastic waste grows, the Guardian asked Britain’s eight leading supermarkets to explain how much plastic packaging they sell to consumers and whether they would commit to a plastic-free aisle in their stores....

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